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About Jaisalmer


Situated amid picturesque Thar Desert, the Jaisalmer city commands premiere position among the tourist attractions scattered all over the desert land of Rajasthan. The Jaisalmer city is revered both by Indians as well as foreign tourists.

Among many of them you will find Salim ji ki haveli and Nathmal ji ki haveli as the most striking. There are other monuments too, which are equally important because of their distinct and individual architecture. The amalgamation of ancient and the medieval era architecture will catch your fancy. Like various other cities of Rajasthan, you will discover different facets of Jaisalmer as you explore this wonderful city with us. Tough there are historical monuments scattered all over the city but the Jaisalmer Fort will immediately command your attention. Made of sand stones and locally known as Sonar Quila, the Jaisalmer Fort is a dominating structure amidst sands. The Jaisalmer city is also known for its old mansions, better known as Havelis.

The Jaisalmer city is a prominent educational as well as cultural hub in the region and regularly showcases the vivid cultural aspects of Rajasthan. Among others, it includes folk dances as well as semi classical and folk music.

By plane :
A military airstrip has recently been opened to limited civilian flights, with Kingfisher offering flights from Delhi (only from October to March). A new, dedicated airport is planned for 2010.
By train : There is a direct train service from Delhi When arriving by train you will pass the station of Pokharan, India's nuclear testing area!
By bus : Bus or car-taxi from Jodhpur or by bus from Bikaner. A daily bus runs to and from Jaipur.
By camel : Another option is to arrive by camel; Jaisalmer is famous for camel trips. The most grueling is the 14 day trip from Bikaner. When booking a few days in the desert on a camel, remember to shop around in order to get the quality you pay for.

What To See
One of the most magnificent attractions is the Jaisalmer Fort known as the "Sonar Kila" due to the yellow stone it was built out of.

Gadi Sagar is a rainwater lake which supplies water to the city. It is surrounded by temples and tombs of saints. Boat rides are offered. Nearby is the desert cultural centre and a local museum built out of the collections of a local schoolteacher.

Jaisalmer Fort: Jaisalmer fort is also known as the “Sonar Quila”. Colourful shades of the setting sun and golden hues of the desert ambience give a fairy tale look to this mega structured fort. The interior of this fort is amazing. Tourists can also visit many havelis of rich merchants, which are also having a touch of great classical interior and design.

Jain Temple: There are 7 beautifully curved temples built inside the fort walls. These temples were built in between from 12th century to 15th century. All the temples are connected by walkways and corridors. It is compulsory to remove your shoes, and all other leather articles (belts, wallets, purses etc...) before entering any Jain temple. The very first temple which a tourist can visit is dedicated to Chandraprabhu, who is the eight tirthankar (Jain God). The symbol of the God Chandraprabhu is the moon. This temple was built in 1509. It is built with fine stones.

What to Buy : The usual: in Jaisalmer this means items made of camel leather, intricate textiles, especially embroidery and silver jewelry. Local advice is to seek out shops outside of the fort for better value and service.

Get Out : Sam sand dunes Sam is about 40 km from the city. Watch the sunset from the Sam sand dunes. RTDC has limited accommodations (huts) at Sam; or you can chill out at the one of the camps/tents, right in the middle of the desert, organized by many tour operators. You can watch cultural programs and dances organized by RTDC and many private organizers. Highly recommended to spend one night at Sam (early evening to late morning next day).

"Khuri Sand Dunes" Just about 45 Km from the city is the village of Khuri. It is equally famous for the sand dunes as sam. However at khuri you are away from the maddening crowd and the hawkers. As khuri is slowly emerging on the tourism map, it still has all the basic necessities but the crowd is non exsitant. That Means you can have a couple of dunes just for yourself and do whatever you feel like there. Khuri also boasts of numerous private Hut/Tent resorts, available at very reasonable rates with accommodation, food, camel safari to the dunes and folk dance thrown in as accompaniments.


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